Individual & Ecotherapy for Children & Adults

Teens & Adolescents

Growing up.



It isn't easy being being a teenager, and it isn't easy being the parent of a teenager. Teenagers can be creative and quirky, quick-witted, and often introspective. There are challenges as well - social, emotional, physical (just to name a few of many) that come along with learning how to navigate this time period. Sometimes it's helpful to have a little extra support. 

I can work with your teenager around some of the following difficulties:

  • anxiety

  • depression

  • highly sensitive children

  • social pressures

  • school pressure and performance pressure

  • eating disorders / body image

  • self-esteem

  • bullying

  • divorce / family separation

  • grief / death

Additionally, I offer the opportunity for "walk and talk" therapy with teenagers who are more comfortable taking a hike with me as a means of connecting. Hikes are offered in the Presidio or Golden Gate Park located in SF or Redwood Regional in Oakland, or can be arranged in other locations. 


I have a special interest working with youth who identify on the LGBTQIA+ spectrum. Whether your child is exploring where they "fit" in the world, understanding their sexuality or gender identity, or already have an understanding of how they identify - I can help your child move through the challenges that come along with this as they navigate adolescence in a heteronormative world. 

I deeply understand how difficult it is to navigate these questions as a teen and would be honored to work with your child and family.