Individual & Ecotherapy for Children & Adults


Writing Your Story.


What’s your story?

You feel like you’re walking through life in a fog. You’ve gone through all the motions, and done all the “right things,” to get to this point in life, and yet it still doesn’t feel right. There’s so much that you’re hiding on the inside, so much that you want to get out, but it’s scary to do that.

The thoughts and inner critic are so loud, that it’s hard to imagine them not being there.

We’ve learned so many survival skills to get us to this point in life, and they’ve worked. They’ve gotten you here and that’s amazing! But are they still serving you? What place do they have in your life now?

So, what are we going to do about it?

I want to help you get out of the fog. The relationship that you have with yourself is the groundwork that we have for every other relationship. I can help you strengthen and develop that relationship with yourself, so that the chaos of the world doesn’t feel so heavy. I can help you learn when old patterns are in your way, what thoughts are holding you back

I work best with people who are sick and tired of being unhappy. I work with people who want to change even when it’s downright terrifying to do so.

I’ll be your guide as you begin to write your story. I offer in-office sessions or we can take the therapy outside into local parks where I offer ecotherapy.