Individual & Ecotherapy for Children & Adults


Nature-based Healing



Ecotherapy is more than just taking a walk in the woods. 

It holds the belief and perspective that humans are innately connected and intertwined with nature. What happens in nature and the world inevitably affects us. And so ecotherapy can help reconnect our mind and body to nature while using nature as a means of healing. 


A lot of people find that they feel better when they remove themselves from the hustle and noise of every day life. For many, nature is where that solace can be found. 

I can help you harness that feeling of rejuvenation and calm that you may find after a hike on the beach or a walk through the Redwoods and use it as a means of support and healing in our work together. I incorporate mindfulness and somatic, or body-based therapy, into this work as well while conducting sessions either indoors or outdoors.  

If you think this type of work might be a good fit for you, I encourage you to reach out to learn more!